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Updating Sati's Cage

Hiya gang, it's Nova and Sati o.o

Sati's (Dwarf Hotot) cage is currently a standard cage, nice n roomy and colorful... but I think I want to upgrade it to something with split levels, a place where Sati can 'hang out,' and basically have one, big, comfortable beefed up home. lol.

I've found these three, by Super Pet and Penn Plax... I'm unsure of which one to purchase, tho. I live in a bit of a small home, and I have no idea if Sati likes or dislikes heights. I also dunno how useful a litterpan would be. I'm also limited as far as money is concerned.

(If this one's pic doesn't show up, here's the link: ..."Easy-to-assemble, with a solid plastic base and wire top. Features multiple doors for access and cleaning, plus double door latches for safety. All platforms and ladders are solid surface plastic to keep feet and tails safe. "
..."Comfort Shelf and Safety Ramp, Flat-Bac Water Bottle, Bowl-In-The-Hole Food Dish and Critter Ka-Bob Treat Dispenser. White wire with lavender base. Home size: 26"L x 14"W x 14"H. Shipping weight: 10 lbs."
..."Long John Litter Pan, 'Flat-Bac' Water Bottle, "Bowl-in-the-Hole" Food Dish and a Critter Ka-bob Treat Dispenser. Also includes two solid-surfaced Safety Ramps and two Comfort Shelves to provide your pet added living space plus extra comfort and security. White wire with light blue base. Home size: 32"L x 20"W x 21"H. Shipping weight: "Oversize A" (30 lbs. charge)

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