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Shepherds of the Hypnotic Eyes


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All Members , Moderated
Hotot and Dwarf Hotot Owners Alike!

1. No flaming
2. No slander or discrimination
3. No sexually explicit content
4. No community advertising. Any other community advertisements will be deleted. Try community_promo if you must advertise.
5. Photos are adored! However, please place really large photos behind a lj-cut.
6. Trolls will not be tolerated!
7. No animal abuse-related topics or photos
8. No posts relating to meat and fur, this is a community for domesticated rabbits and their owners
Captivated by those eyes? We are too. This is a sister community (or subdivision) of bunnyowners, for those who own, have owned or will own the Hotot, the Dwarf Hotot, and bunnies who have Hotot in their little fuzzy genes!
Join today and introduce yourself and your bun.. and find out what really goes thump in the night!

Creator: alphasconova
Moderators: the_ninja_gamer, (your username could be here! Contact alphasconova if you're interested in becoming a mod for this community).
Comments? Questions? Insults? Direct them to one of us. :)
All graphics © Nova